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Steven Rathbone – Guitar / Vocals / Synth
Larry Herweg – Drums
Donald James Barraca – Bass

Formed in 2003 by Steven Rathbone and D.J. Barraca (7000 Dying Rats) and Larry Herweg (Pelican). Signed to Southern Lord Records just 6 months after recording their first demo. Chicago metal warriors Lair of the Minotaur have released 4 full length LPs, and 2 EPs; interconnected concept albums about Mars’ (the God of War) violent influence on men, Dungeons & Dragons and other bloody tales from mythology. The band has toured extensively across North America and Europe, crushing all in their path with their own brand of heavy fucking metal that has been likened to being beat to death with a spiked club. In the words of Maximum Metal, “If there is a [band] heavier than this, then I have simply never heard it.”