ASSASSINS OF THE CURSED MIST (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Brutal and aggressive,
Masters of fighting,
The daughters of conflict,
War is in their blood,
The amazons assist in,
The strife that raveneth
The souls of men resist them,
Bloodthirsty pestilence,
Queen Penthsilleia tricked,
Overveiled by slumber mist,
Convinced by incubus,
Murder Akhilleus

Her heart exults that she may
Achieve a mighty deed,
Triumph on the battlefield.
Whispered lies that plant the seed,
Before they leave their land they,
Perform a holy rite,
A bloody naked war dance,
Writhe before the sacred shrine,

Uprose the feral queen, With glory in her heart
Holding a Titan’s sword,
Eris the battle queen, Awarded from the dark,
Terrible overlord,

Attack her so you’ll know, What wells up in the breasts, Of savage Amazons,
Begat by gods of war, Her will and might is more,
Than any mortal mans,

The combined forces, enter the fray,
Annihilate the enemy, Dominate the day,

Splendor of triumph masks, the impending doom,
With invisible hand, it thrust her on,
Drawing her to exulted honor,
Lighting a path of death,

Then they clash like lightning,
A fury unmatched,
Akhilleus falls by her sword,,
Then risen with death’s hand,
By the will of fire,
Surprise attacks the queen,
Killed by the assassins,
Of the cursed mist!

ATTACK THE GODS (from the album Evil Power)

Let the Gods,
Prepare for war,
Rise giant violator,
Lead the rage,
Pathway to realms,
From this hell, I stab the stars… I stab the stars!

For the blood of the innocent,

Strip their skin,
Armor worn,
Maces crush the salty whores,
Arrows fly,
Bastard monarch’s final call… HIS final call!

For the blood of the innocent,

Kill them all,
God’s domain,
Raid with hell till all are slain,
Heros die,
Olympus burns,
The Earth quakes as heaven falls… as heaven falls!

For the blood of the innocent,

For the blood of the innocent,

BEHEAD THE GORGON (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

She was a beautiful maiden
Until she lay in the goddess shrine
Athena swore revenge on Medusa
With repugnant tusks of a swine

Locks of snakes drape over her head
Brazen hands and golden wings
Demoness of the grotesque

Into her grave, you feel it in your veins, you slave
Eternal pain, your essence fades away, today!

War starved gorgons
Serving death to all
Perseus shall be slayer
Her head will fall…down

Laying waste to the countryside
No living thing can behold her stare
See your last breath in her eyes
Men of stone adorn her lair



Black hearted,
Stygian rock,
The crag of Akheron,
Dripping with gore,

Circling hounds,
100 demon skulls,
Tearing the entrails,
Ripping apart,

Deadly Drakonas,
Gloomy and great,
Hidden in the limits of,
The void of the Earth,
Descend to dwelling,
The hero rides to kill,
Draco coils the sacred,
Warring through time,

Immortal serpentine,
Speaking many tongues to me,

Spell of invocation,
Hesperian dragon,

Spell of invocation!

BLACK VIPER BARBARIAN CLAN (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Ancient woodlands,
Undefiled by axe,
In the black of it’s heart,
The cave of Mars maligns,

Defended by evil,
Dark drakon Ismenios,
Armored spiked scales,
Spitting toxic venom,

Kadmos found his soldiers, slain by the serpent,
Bodies ripped in pieces,
Fangs spraying poison, spreading wings and hissing,
Screaming as it sees him,

Terror, grips at his chest,
As it advances,
Hurling, a jagged rock,
Inflicts no damage,
Plunging the javelin,
Deep in its side,
Stabbing, its monstrous spine,
the viper dies,

From the sky, the goddess Athene appears,
Bidding, plough the soil and plant the drakon’s teeth,

From the Earth, armored men arise,
Born of Ares’ coiled guardian,
Vicious fighters, with death in their eyes,
Violence with out boundaries,

Warriors, Black sons, Drakons, Champions!
Barbarians, Murderers, Phantoms, Spartans!

BLOOD FROM THE WITCH’S VEIN (from the album Evil Power)

Cruel magician,
Poison malicous,
Darkest alchemy,
Conjuring this hell,

Come drink from the vein,
Of the witch’s rebellion,
Desecrate the grave,
Of the sorcerer’s hellion,
Flesh. Carve. Eat. Brains.
Blood from the witch’s vein!

The cult of Kirke,
Drink at the altar,
Vile incantations,
Chanting in worship,

Come drink from the vein,
Of the witch’s rebellion,
Desecrate the grave,
Of the sorcerer’s hellion,
Flesh. Carve. Eat. Brains.

All my life, I’ve lived by the knife,
I stood the test of time,
I’m evil of the night,
With power from the sky,

Now you shall know who’s wronged,
Now you shall know who’s wronged,
Now you shall know who’s wronged,
Now you…

BURNING TEMPLE (from the album Carnage)

Lord of,
Dead meat
Black throne,
Blood lust,
Gorge fear,

Black sheep,
Blood pits,
Bang heads,
Praise me,



CANNIBAL MASSACRE (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer / Cannibal Massacre EP)

We sailed on, though sick at heart
Heavy rowing broke the slaves
On the sixth day, the sun didn’t rise
As we headed from the east
Then we came upon land of the Laistrygones
Horrendous legendary fiends
These residents, an old children’s myth
The flesh of human men they eat

Skin reapers
Meat gatherers

The harbors ingress, a narrow precipice
All the boats steer themselves in
I tied my ship to a rock beyond
The entrance to this bordered niche
Three scouts we’re sent, on reconnaissance
What abides beyond these cliffs?
At Artakia’s stream, they met a giant dame
The daughter of King Antiphates

The towering palace, a lofty keep
The gruesome queen stands fifty feet
She called her king to greet his guests
Ripped one in two and ate the rest

The terrifying king cried out!

Arise! Barbaric Laystrigones!
Our meat has come to us. Tonight we gnaw on humans.

Swarms of them came, lawless giant guild
Hurling rocks from the cliffs
A violent roar, from the din of screams
Amid my fleet as men we’re killed
Spearing men like fish, to my astonishment
Stacking bodies on a stick
We sailed on, though sick at heart
Barely thwarting perishment

Skin reapers
Meat gatherers


Here we ride once again,
With the pain and dust left behind,
Toward the caves of Mt. Pholoe,
I say…

Last night the blood did spill,
Upon the ground of nuptial rite,
In the house of Ixion’s son,
I say…


The spirits sank in our veins,
Insolence from too much wine,
At the sight of that fair dame,
I say…

The drink was in command,
Doubled by the fire of lust,
As I seize the hair of the bride,
I say…


Caravan through the night,
With the north wind at our manes,
Cry out to the Gods,
Give me thes trength to ride once again,

Theseus charged Eurytus,
Champion with jagged steel,
Smashed his brains in battle lust,
Crunching bones beneath his heel,

Mt. Pholoe is where I ride,
Slaying all the passerby
Plundering the mountain side,
Ravenous until I die!!!

My brothers all grabed a dame,
To do with them as they will,
What became such violent rape,
I say…

4 lay in pools of blood,
Fallen to the spoils of war,
With the bride’s milk on my lips,
I say…

We ride!
Caravan through the night,
With the north wind at our manes,
Cry out to the Gods,
Give me the strength to ride once again.

CARNAGE FUCKING CARNAGE (from the album Carnage)

I writhe in this coiled cage, the crooked labyrinth
My life has no escape, from this violence
Hybrid the mingled form, a monstrous shape
Beware all thee who dare, to enter this maze

7 sons and 7 maids, offered to the beast
Skinned corpses lay in wait, for the demon’s feast
We all had wandered here, hopelessly lost,
Lair of the Minotaur, you’ll bare his cross,

I count the days as they pass
In convoluted flexion,
My eyes have seen, the end…

We all had wandered here, hopelessly lost,
Lair of the Minotaur, you’ll bare his cross!

DEATH MARCH OF THE CONQUERORS (from the album Evil Power)

Arise, warriors from the west,
The battle has led us here to Kadmeans soil,
You are lions with war in your eyes,
Listen to the rattle of our chariots ride,
Iron hearted, Thirsty for revenge,
Swear your blood oath before me,
If you hear wounded wailing, have no remorse,
For this is my life source, human pity,

We’ve fought tougher battles than this,
These fucking cunts, fight like women,
NOW is the time for murder, NOW is the time to hate,
NOW is not in the hands of fate,
NOW you can avenge your father, NOW you can avenge your GOD!
NOW you can avenge your brothers lying dead!


Almighty Zeus defeat thine enemies,
Exterminate this breed of misery,
By Mars, by Enyo, who delight in pain,
Will sack the town and smear their life Away!

Strike out!

Ablaze with stars, the moon shines on the steel,
Raving so, on the battlefield,
Warhorse biting down, on the bit,
Trumpet cry awaits, in eagerness,

As woman and man fall without defense,
Storming on polluting reverence!

DEMON SERPENT (from the album Carnage)

As I looked out,
I beheld a virgin chained to a rock,
Pale and motionless,
Except for flowing tears,
I asked her then,
“Why are you thus bound”?
Nymph plague, the sea-monster,
Pride of beauty,
Human sacrifices,

She shrieks out,
As the demon serpent approaches the coast,
I seize it by the neck and pierce between the scales,
Spouting from its nostrils,

Water mixed with blood,
Stab the open wound,
Final death stroke,
Dying by my hand

DOOMTROOPER (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Slaughterer of men,
Destructor God,
Delights in battles din,


The child was formed by flames,
Deep in the vernal Earth,
Now crawls the spawn of rage,

Clamorous thirst for pain,
A cross upon the world,
He will claim his domain,

Young warrior stands,
Untamed with fate in his hands,
Leaves them so gory,
On his path to empyrean glory,

Ares lunged, At Diomedes,
Furious, To take his life,

His bronze spear drives,
Right at his chest,
But forced to miss,
By the grey goddess,

Stabbing bolts, reach from the sky,
Rip his flesh, screaming battle cry,
Thunder roars, as he questions Zeus,
Why kill me, The son of Olympus,


Unholy passion,
Set men’s dark hearts aflame,
Thirsting for power,
The weak became the prey,

Fury and might,
Replaces right,
Men armed with fists,
Rough clubs to fight,
Puts weapons in their hands,
The streams of blood,
Turn seas red and stain the land!

ENEMY OF GODS (from the album Carnage)

Void of emptiness,
Within the universe,
The fearful offspring,
Son of Gaia,
Born from chaos,
100 viper heads,
Dripping sea of venom,
From evil eyes of fire,

Hissing like 100 snakes,
Roaring like 100 lions,
Boiled lava pouring out,
Gaping mouths fire storms,
Rip up the mountains,
Throw them at the Gods,
Screaming the war cry,
World massacre,

Sphinx / Nemean – Lion / Cerberus / Ladon / Chimera / Hydra

Precious Echidna,
Head of a nymph,
Body of a serpent,
My hideous mate,
Annihilate the throne Olympus,
Sadistic carnage devastates,
Spitting forth terror,
THe battle rages on,

Hardly a living creature,
Was left on Earth,
Typhon ripped up Mount Aetna,
To hurl at the Gods!

ENGORGED WITH UNBORN GORE (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

Demonic spirit of Lybia
Majestic titan of the horrendous
Defiling cemeteries, haunting tombs
Eating corpses, leaving nothing but bones

Panic spreads as the stories divulge
Sadistic torture in which she indulged
Splitting open their pregnant wives
Devouring children that develop inside

Unleashed, killing brutishly
Soulless barbarian, winged depravity
Witchcraft lures men to her bed
Feel her last kiss as she removed your head

She has me down on my knees
This savage beast, vampyric queen

Bloodstained inhuman whore
Engorged with unborn gore!

EVIL POWER (from the album Evil Power)

At the dawn of violence,
The Telkhine wizards met,
On the peak of Mt. Cithren,
They vowed malevolence,
The call for death was sent,
To command all Earth and men,
Behead the Mega Priest,
Bring hell unto the streets,

I hear voices,
Make me kill,
I hear voices,
Make me kill!


On the wings of malcontent,
Another billion dead,
Upon your bated breath,
Their calculated death,
Demonic influence,
Completely pulls me in,
Our fists raised to the sky,
As we watch the goddess die,

I hear voices,
Make me kill,
I hear voices,


GOATSTORM (from the album Evil Power)

Cloven savage,
Horned assassin!

Battle grip,
Enemy’s neck,
Ripped apart,
By rustic gods,

Human dew,
Pointed hooves,
Raiding sages,

Cloven savage,
Horned assassin!

GODSLAYER (from the EP “Godslayer”)

Enter my abode,
Through the Pindar range,
To Ionian Sea,
A violent torrent raged,

A son of Gaia,
And all the Oceans,
Gushing forth power,
A caustic potion,

By the will of might,
Our saviour!

Sacrificed for Deia,
Challenged Herakles,
The serpent River-God,
Sprung from the abyss,

Mutated doom,
A mighty weapon,
He tore the horns off,
And then beheaded,

By the will of might,
My saviour!

GRISLY HOUND OF THE PIT (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

A yawning cave, dark and endless
Swelling barks of frenzied rage
Warder of the gates of Hades
Jailer of the dead

In the shadowed gulf of doom
Beware the cursed Cerberos
Dreaded hound who has no pity
Lies in wait and eats them up
Shakes the ends of the Earth
With barks from his three throats
Bristling snakes upon his necks
The blood of men enshrouds his coat

Lying in the darkened threshold
Reared up with all mouths wide
Scattering bones before him now
Ablaze his blood red eyes

Grisly death God
Hound of the pit

HADES UNLEASHED (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

This is the end of days,
That I can wait,
Four hundred years I’ve spent,
In my domain,
The god of funeral rights,
The king of death,
Now I discharge my horde,
For punishment,

KREON, dishonored warriors,
DENIED, them proper burials,
UNCHAIN, the beasts upon his land,
A PLAGUE, preparing to attack!

The army of the seven against Thebes,
Corpses defiled in public for all to see,
The oracle of Gortyne fortold the storm,
A sacrifice to please the underworld!

The offering stands,
Two daughters of orion,
Servant maidens,
Thrust the sword inside her,
Open their throats,
And let the blood spill forth,
Bow to your knees,
And gut them for your lord!



HORDE OF UNDEAD VENGEANCE (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Pierced by the sun,
Enduring time,
Stands a shrine,
The haunted forest of the witch,
Repulsive theurgist,

Grim Alkimede,
Brings unholy offerings,
Summon shades to the pit,
Spill the blood in hallowed trench,
From the spout of virgin necks,

Swarming black snakes, half dead tissues,
Yet living entrails and gouts of blood,

Hekate led, the ghosts to the upper world,
Her passing heralded by baying hounds,
With fierce cries, the witch calls upon the night,
As the spell is cast, the spectres rise,

The ghost of Kretheus, gazed upon his mournful son,
He sipped the blood, and uttered ancient words,
“Jason is safe, but the King plans Aeson’s death,
Pray to Phlegethon to raise his horde”,

She appeased, the god of triple form,
With the sacrifice, of the grand bull,
Go you demons, from this evil crypt,
Raid the caravan, of the emperor,

Horde of Vengeance,
From hallow graves,
Undead soldiers,
Usurp the wicked crown,

Cursed Dead,
Rising from the ground,
Nekro army,
Bring the tyrant down,

Eagerly they drank from the castle guards,
And drained the blood from the regal queen,

Let accursed fear, grip his mad heart,
Let him scream until he is senseless,
Let him live, so my son may come,
With grim steel, he’ll take…


HORNS OF THE WITCH (from the Cannibal Massacre EP)

Abnormal carnal desires,
Execute the priests bidding,
Offers the half-dead tissues,
And entrails yet are living,

Deadly teeth, of the beast, venom streams,
Pierce your flesh, at the strike, of midnight,

The spattered sword of fire,
Soaked with gouts of blood,
Black snakes swarmed the soil,
Fierce horns of Hecate entwined,

HORROR (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

Relentless, the evil battle queen
Ghastly Eris all splattered with gore, so hideously
Sorrow, a desire for blood
Still lurking in the battlefield, wading in the suffering


Destruction, the giver of pain
Clay red, from the blood of the dead
Repulsion, the havoc of death
She stands on a corpse pile of a thousand men


Blasts of fire
Deadly sword
Tortured cry
Strife of war!



Thunder, rips the sky,
Satyrs are circling,
Cold heart, my doom is near,
Punishment is certain,
Madness, a frenzied rage,
Smiting the serpents,
Revealed, my family,
Dead in front of me,

Storm of vengeance,
Pale terror,
Cannot escape this torment,

Hunt and Devour!
Hunt and Devour!
Hunt and Devour!
Hunt and Devour!

THE HYDRA COILS UPON THIS WICKED MOUNTAIN (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

Where murderers, heretics and thieves
Come for penance, and purifying
Stretching swamplands, out to the sea
Holy place the Hydra’s terrorizing

Nine giant, monstrous snake heads
One of them, immortal
In a cave, beneath a dead tree
Lie mass graves, as far as you see

It won’t be taking me…

So venomous, its breath destroys life
I pelt him, with burning knives
I stand up, sword in my hand
The hydra coils upon this wicked mountain

I swing hard and decapitate one head
Two grow in its place
I unsheath my golden blade
What was immortal, I shall see dead

As I bury the head…

I still hear
It hiss
The carcass…

JUGGERNAUT OF METAL (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

Stand on this hill
My will as law
For meat I kill

Hear demons sing
Bathe yourself in
Blood of the king

Forged metal, from fires of the hearth
Hades hammer, pounds the Earth
Keep my steel, at my side
And my enemies, skinned alive

Bash your brains out
Eat your entrails
Impale your torso

Abrupt of emotion
The Lord of thunder
Son of the ocean

I grip my sword
And advance upon the keep
Sneak upon the resting king
And spill his blood while he sleeps

Juggernaut of metal!!!
Juggernaut of metal!!!

LET’S KILL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS (from the album Evil Power)

All our lives we’ve lived in shit,
Fighting for our king,
We have served his God,
Slaying in his name,
This is all we’ve known,
Since we all were kids,
We did what we were told,
By the master’s whip,
Now I’ve tasted blood,
And now I realize,
The fear that’s in their eyes,
Is the same I had in mine,

We fucked them all,
Let’s fuck them all again,
Let’s kill these motherfuckers!
We fucked them all,
Let’s fuck them till they’re dead,
Let’s kill these motherfuckers!

If my father could see me now,
With my heel in their skulls,
This glorified revenge siege,
And their temples all burning,
Now I will take what’s mine,
The slave won’t heed this time,
We fought for this,
I bled for this,
Death strike, Take all of their lives!
Mutilate and burn them alive,
Make a pile and hack them with saws,
Behead the mother while the children are mauled,
Terminate the whole family tree,
Impaled bodies all line the street,
Rape and torch and cut and drink up,
Penetrated with the Sword of Blood,

We fucked them all,
Let’s fuck them all again,
Let’s kill these motherfuckers!
We fucked them all,
Let’s fuck them till they’re dead,
Let’s kill these motherfuckers!

LION KILLER (from the album Carnage)

Ferocious, roaming Argolis,
The Nemean lion,
Enormous beast, slaughter of the priest,
Blood fills the land,

Sworn death by the hand of Heracles,
Strangled to death,
Skinned beast, torn apart by the witches tree,
Adorns my breast,

Hideous, the bile spills on the earth,
Reaping the sickness,
Of Hades law…
By lion claw…

LORD OF BUTCHERY (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

Wrath begat this deformed child
Spawn of witchery
Poseidon enchants Pasiphae
Into bestiality

Head of bull, and frame of man
Shame the family
Carnal rage consumes my mind
Kill everybody!!!


Terror spreads across the land
Corpses line the streets
Mutilate all in my sight
Lord of butchery!

METAL TITANS (from the album Evil Power)

Echoing the laboured clang, anvils made of bronze,
Preparing metal for thunderbolts, forging for the Gods,

Glowing steel and hissing fire, hurled with mighty force,
Heavy rocks this blackened craft, a hammer from the North,

Masters of all weaponry, instruments of death,
Deep within volcanic caves, made by iron men,
Furnaces release the flames, the molten lava boils,
Metal titans arm the men, that overthrow the world,

For centuries,
The armory of Gods!


We ride tonight,
We ride for Skullhammer,
We ride to kill,
We ride for Aitna’s hill,
Live to hurt, the battle waged on,
Phlegrae’s plain, the wind-God’s son,
With no remorse,
On my immortal horse,

The violent winds, they’re calling again!


We ride tonight,
We ride to fuck you up,
We ride to kill,
We are insatiable,
Broken bones, weltering blood,
Despise the idols, all covered in cum,
With blasphemies,
We relish cruelty,

The sign of the skull, our flags are raised,
The violent winds, they call us again!



SLAUGHTER THE BESTIAL LEGION (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

On a blood run,
Another rugged trail,
In the midst of my labors,
As I descry,
The man-beast Pholos,
With an offering,
By the order of the Gods,
The prophecy,

Holy gift of Bacchus,
Awaiting centuries,
This ancient spirit,
Bewitch the Kentauroi,

These savage tribes arise,
All grabbing weapons
I see the craze in their eyes,
But I’m never stricken,

Attacking from all sides,
They see the rage in my eyes,

Fist in the sky,
To my enemies,
Prepare to die!

Red fills my sight,
With animosity,
Triumph to night!


Hammer down! Hack their legs off,
Split the man from horse in two,
Cut him down! Cave his head in,
Poison burns their fatal wounds,

Two escape my wrath,
I hunt them down,
A merciless attack,
And kill Kheiron,
Drenched with blood,
The Gods grant me,
By the will of Strife,

TYRANT OF TORTURE (bonus track from the vinyl album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Archfiend of Orcus, In the black abyss,
Congealed locks of blood, veil his face,
Kharon all matted, with ancient gore,
The craft of Acheron, drifts evermore,

Tyrant of torture,
Monarch of the stream of pain,

Accepting shades, upon its shores,
Death opens wide it’s gaping jaws…
Sepulchral river, choked with corpses,
Welcoming carnage, Hades’ gate opens,

This be the land of endless torment!
Who dares approach my scow?
Your stay will be eternal,
If I choose to strike you down!

Unconquered, son of thunder,
Advances boldly toward the craft,
Here to retrieve, the hound of Hades,
Kharon counters his attack,

Red eyes blaze in his skull,
He draws his staff
From the lake of fire, It twists,
Between his hands,
Thrashing the hero back,
Blood Pouring out,
(The) hooded fiend grips his neck,
Holding him down,

If you step in my path, one more time,
Your foolish valiant soul, will be mine!

ULTIMATE DESTROYER (from the album The Ultimate Destroyer)

Altar of devouring fire,
Prepare the rites of Lethe,
Drench the ground below you now,
With the blood of sheep,

Accept these sacred rites tonight,
From your throne of pain,
I summon the ghost of doom,
Where the darkness reigns,

Behold, Magnanimous, The Ultimate Destroyer
Grant me, Avengement and Ghastly Death!!!

Beat upon the ground again,
Scream into my hands,
Call upon the God of Death,
Rise up from your black abyss,

Earth divides beneath my feet,
Smoke begins to swirl about,
Hear the howl of cursed men,
Demons all surround me now,

Behold, Magnanimous, The Ultimate Destroyer
Grant me, Avengement and Ghastly Death!!!

Master Hades, all pale and all enthroned,
Bequest upon, revenge to all my foes,
They shamed my home, during last winters hunt,
Murdered my son, and sliced up my wife’s cunt…

I will live my days for you,
Servant at your feet,
Grant me retribution now,
Slay their precious families,

If thou ever wrought an archfiend,
Monsters fierce and foul of smell,
Bring some gruesome horror forth,
That the sky never beheld,


THE VIOLENT IRON AGE OF MAN (from the album Evil Power)

From the Southern seas,
The dark army breeds,
The snake skinned sons of Kouretes,
An era has ceased,
One hundred years of peace,
Mankind now lusts for hell’s fury,

Behold the sight!
The violent, iron age of man,
I can’t believe my eyes,
The violent, iron age of man!

With avenging strife,
Embitters human life,
Masses of men now clash and fight,
Skin red with blood,
The countless dead,
A warrior cries out in the night,

Behold the sight!
The violent, iron age of man,
I can’t believe my eyes,
The violent, iron age of man!

Behold the sight!
The violent, iron age of man,
I can’t believe my eyes,
The violent, iron age of man!

WARLORD (from the album Carnage)

After Kronos dethroned his father,
By castration while he slept,
He threw his genitals,
Deep into the sea,
The twelve Titans ruled the heavens,
Ouranos told him of the prophecy,

You’ll be overthrown,
By your own son,
He’ll defeat you,
As you defeated me,

To thwart his impending doom,
All his children he would eat,

Because they’re all immortal,
They remained alive,
Trapped inside his gut,
A prison for all five,

Rhea was enraged,
A mother with no child,
The sixth conception came,
She went to Crete to hide,

When Kronos came to Crete,
Making sure the child is dead,
She gave him a stone in cloths,
He swallowed that instead,

In a year the child matured,
He waged a war on his father,
The mighty Zeus prepared,
For the battle,
Of the Titans.


He forced Kronos,
To spit up his kin,
After his refusal,
Of restoring justice

So begins the Titanomachy,

The Gods fought from Mt. Olympus,
The Titans from Mt. Othrys,
After ten years of fighting,
The war hung balanced even

Gaia prophesized, victory for Zeus
If he aligned, fathers’ prisoners,

3 Cyclopes and 3 Hecatoncheires,
He freed them from Tartarus,

The Cyclopes gave Zeus thunder,
And blessed him with fierce lightning,
Hecatoncheires’ one hundred arms,
Hurling boulders at the Titans,

The sea rang up,
The heavens shook,
The earth crashed,
Olympus reeled

Flame rose up into the sky,
Thunderstone blinded eyes,
Titans fell at their feet,
See the end, Titanomachy

They were chained there,
In gloomy Tartarus,
Behind the bronze wall,
Pit of evil,
Beneath the Earth


WAR METAL BATTLE MASTER (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Violent, thing of fury,
Evil wrought destruction,
War cry, sounds like 1000 lions,

First drops of their blood,
Swore an oath upon it,
Kill them all, or kill our selves,

I catch the first one,
Stick a blade in his neck,
I grab the one to his right,
And remove his head,

Impaling all we see,
With sword and spear,
Fists soaked in human blood,
The smell of gore attract the Keres,

Amidst the slaughter,
The Keres start to swarm,
Skin stained with blood of men,
Fanged, taloned whores,

As they drag the fallen,
Vulture over those who’ve died,
Dragging souls to Hades,
Drinking blood till satisfied,

“Let us win this glory,
Or yield to these clawing beasts!”

WE ARE HADES (from the album Evil Power)

We are violence,
We are decay,
We are a plague of death,
We are the end of days,

In the realm of Hades, the imminent menace of hell’s lord,
Look upon the sky, from the pools of the underworld,
The throne is all devouring, unchanged remains the infernal king,
Hidden away in darkest depths, you will suffer eternally,

Impiously I make vain prayers, for the death I leave behind,
Where the darkness reigns, your endless strength unlocked mankind,
We defend this endless cave, our dreaded army’s void of light,
Now the crimson seas aflame, do thou summon sacrifice?,

You’re knocking at the gates of Dis,
You’ve entered our domain,

We are, we are
We are the dogs of war,
Alright, let’s fight,
Let’s drink and kill tonight,
We are a heartless horde,
We are the black of night,
We are a rotten curse,
We are the sign of end of days,
We are Hades!

We are violence,
We are decay,
We are a plague of death,
We are the end of days,

We are, we are
We are the dogs of war,
Midnight, let’s fight,
Let’s drink and kill tonight,
We are a heartless horde,
We are the black of night,
We are a rotten curse,
We are the sign of end of days,
We are Hades!

WHEN THE ICE GIANTS SLAYED ALL (from the album “War Metal Battle Master”)

Force! By force I drive the baneful clouds,
With force, I whip the hateful hailstones down,

Winter, my combat field is the open sky,
Wings beat mighty! As I blast the Earth with ice,

Frozen, this land so bleak and so gravely cold,
Power! My north wind strikes at your world!


THE WOLF (from the album Carnage)

Zeus walks the Earth as man,
To relate evil deeds,
Frightful with hiding beasts,
Lycaon tests deity,

Throne of the hostile king,
A shadowed offering,
Knife slits the servant child,
Served as a dish of flesh,

Avenging thunderbolts,
His wrath destroyed all men,
Punish deformity,
The wolf possessed Lycaon,

A lust for butchery,
Pleasure in the pools of blood,
He howls at the night he bleeds,

Bring down society,
Slaughter eternity,
Defect obliterate,
Design a sect of hate,

Bring forth the blood of nine,
Chanting unholy priests,
At Mount Lycaeus’ peak,
Prepare cannibal feast,

Feel how I pierce your Earth,
Sacrifice mortal dirt,
Revel Arcadia now,
The oxen death will plow,

End time, Rise,
New life, spine,
Evil curse, cries,
You must die!!!

Blood of nine,
Feed the beast,
Human meat,

Cult of the wolf !

(All lyrics by Steven Rathbone)