Video Credits


Steven Rathbone – Guitar, Vocals
Donald James Barraca – Bass
Chris Wozniak – Drums


Ares – Jeffrey Lippold
Kydoimos – Mark Schwartz
The Keres – Darla Deville, Laila Lee, Molly D’Amour & Moxie Lamott
Akhaian Barbarians – Tom Denney, Will The Wolf, D.J. Barraca & Chris Wozniak


Directed by Gary Smithson
Written by Steven Rathbone
Produced by Gary Smithson, Steven Rathbone & Southern Lord Records
Co-Produced by Unlimited Arts, Rob Fitch & Nick Sternberg
Cinematography by Gary Smithson
Edited by Gary Smithson
Casting by Gary Smithson
Costumes by Maribel Soto, Steven Rathbone, Ryan Oliver, Lisa French & Nicole Dome
Make up by Monica Bailey & Jessica Lewis
Special Effects by Ryan Oliver, Gary Smithson & Steven Rathbone
Fight Choreography by Ryan Oliver
Assistant Direction by Steven Rathbone
Production Assistance by Lisa French, Kasey Burt, Tom Denney & Will The Wolf
Photography by Robert Fitch


"War Metal Battle Master"
Performed by Lair of the Minotaur
Written by Steven Rathbone
All Rights Reserved © 2008 Maximo Matanza Music ASCAP
From the album WAR METAL BATTLE MASTER (Sunn91) on Southern Lord Records


Violent, thing of fury,
Evil wrought destruction,
War cry, sounds like 1000 lions,

First drops of their blood,
Swore an oath upon it,
Kill them all, or kill our selves,

I catch the first one,
Stick a blade in his neck,
I grab the one to his right,
And remove his head,

Impaling all we see,
With sword and spear,
Fists soaked in human blood,
The smell of gore attract the Keres,

Amidst the slaughter,
The Keres start to swarm,
Skin stained with blood of men,
Fanged, taloned whores,

As they drag the fallen,
Vulture over those who’ve died,
Dragging souls to Hades,
Drinking blood till satisfied,

"Let us win this glory,
Or yield to these clawing beasts!"