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The Devil’s Mouth Podcast

Steve sits down with infamous metal journalist Jose Carlos Santos to discuss what’s new with LOTM and talk shop about 10 songs Steve has been listening to lately.

In the Studio


Back in the studio! 20 years since we recorded our demo with Sanford Parker. New shit coming soon!

The original lineup of LOTM has reformed to bring forth more CARNAGE.


Steven Rathbone (guitar/vocals), Larry Herweg (drums) and DJ Barraca (bass)

LOTM is on Instagram & Live Videos

Always quick with new trends, we just started an official LOTM Instagram account. Check it out HERE!

A few new live video uploads:

Behead the Gorgon & Ultimate Destroyer – Nantes, France 2007

Black Viper Barbarian Clan – Chicago 2008

Full Show – Empty Bottle, Chicago 2004

Evil Power Vinyl Pre-Order

Available for the first time on vinyl!!! Our fourth full-length album, Evil Power, is up for pre-order from European distributor Improved Sequence & SevenC Records.

Limited edition of 300 copies: 75 orange vinyl and 225 black vinyl.

Bandcamp Pre-Order
Big Cartel Pre-Order

 photo LOTM_EVILPOWER_web72.jpg

“METAL ANTHEMS” – Stonerrock

New Merch Store

Lair of the Minotaur T-Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeves and other assorted merch available HERE.



New EP Out Now!

In an effort to release everything that was written for this band, our new EP is 2 older tracks. One we had never properly recorded and one we had recorded, but never released. Cheers!

Scorched Tundra Fest + New EP

Lair of the Minotaur will be playing Scorched Tundra Fest 2018 in Chicago on Friday August 31st during Labor Day weekend to celebrate the release of a new EP. The Scorched Tundra Fest performance will be an exclusive date for 2018. And is also LOTM’s first show in 5 years, featuring the classic “road dog” line up of Steven Rathbone (Guitar/Vocals), Donald James Barraca (Bass) and Chris Wozniak (Drums). After a long hiatus sharpening their axes, the Gods have called them back to battle!!!

Tickets go on sale Monday May 21 at 10am CST. $20. Get them HERE.

Update: Friday night tickets SOLD OUT